Classical Four Team Structure

Classical Executive Team

The Classical Executive Team attends to the governance of Classis and responds to all business that arises between Classis meetings. Additionally, the CET provides oversight of the Vision Implementation Team and the Pastor Church Relations Team including supervising their directors.

Vision Implementation Team

The Vision Implementation Team is responsible to help implement Classis Holland’s mission of nurturing vibrant Gospel-centered ministries that join God on his redeeming and restoring mission. The Vision Implementation team consists of “champions” working in the following five areas:

  • Congregational Vitality & Next Generation Ministries
  • Disciple-making
  • New Ministries & Diversity
  • Diaconal Ministries & Community Connections
  • Empowering Prayer

Pastor Church Relations Team

The Pastor Church Relations Team assists congregations in their pursuit of congregational health with particular emphasis on healthy relationships between church and leadership. Additionally, the Pastor Church Relations team assists theological students in their candidacy process. The Pastor Church Relations team shall be responsible for the following investments:

  • The appointment of church visitor teams, providing training and overseeing their work;
  • The appointment of regional pastors and overseeing their work;
  • The appointment of a safe church classical coordinator and over seeing his/her work;
  • Investing in and coordinating response to relational challenges taking place in churches;
  • Providing advice to churches seeking resolution to relational challenges;
  • Providing training events to promote congregational and leadership health;
  • Coordinating the various aspects of classical response to articles 14,17 or 82-84 separations;
  • Investing in theological students through the candidacy process including providing classical grants (per grant guidelines) for theological students studying for ordained ministry in the CRC.

Holland Deacon’s Conference

HDC exists to encourage, support and equip deacons, church members and partners to collaborate in Christ-like acts of mercy justice and compassion that transform lives and communities reflecting and advancing God’s reign