Classical Volunteer Personnel

Church Visitors

Team 1: Matt Stob, James Schippers
(Bravo, Kibbie, West Olive)

Team 2: Bob Schippers, Doug Vrielend
(Calvary, Graafschap, Maple Ave.)

Team 3: Scott DeVries, Mary Jellema
(East Saugatuck, Saugatuck, Pillar)

Team 4: Dan Day
(Bethany, Calvin, Maranatha,)

Team 5: Doug Fauble, Dick Mulder
(14th Street, Victory Point, Providence)

Team 6: Ken Kruithoff, Art VanWyhe
(Central Ave., Crosswinds, Noordeloos)

Team 7: Gerrit Haagsma, John Hutt
(Holland Heights, Niekerk, Park, South Olive)

Team 8: Matt Riddle, Norm Steen
(Cambodian, Lao, Mision Rey de Reyes)

Team 9: Wayne Brower, Steve Hasper
(Hamilton, Gibson, Faith)

Team 10: Chad Pierce, Dave Altena
(South Bend, St. Joseph, Celebration, Watershed, Fusion)

Regional Pastors (indefinite)

Chris De Vos – East Region
Bethany, Calvary, Central Ave., Faith, Fourteenth St., Graafschap, Hamilton, Holland Heights, Maranatha, Mision Rey de Reyes, Niekerk, Noordeloos, South Bend, South Olive, Victory Point, West Olive.

Marv Hofman – West Region
Bravo, Calvin, Cambodian, Crosswinds, Gibson, Harderwyk, East Saugatuck, Kibbie, Lao, Maple Ave., Park, Pillar, Providence, St. Joseph, Saugatuck, Principe de Paz

Classical/Office Staff

Keith Doornbos – Ministries Coordinator
Jack Kooyman – HDC Executive Director
Carrie Lems – Administrative Coordinator
Cal Hoogstra – Treasurer & Stated Clerk

Classis Executive Team

Steve Hasper
Lee Khang
Doug Fauble (Chairman)
Cal Hoogstra (Stated Clerk)
Keith Doornbos (Ministries Coordinator)

Vision Implementation Team

Keith Doornbos (Chairman)
Mark Douglas (Congregational Vitality)
Sue Prins (Discipleship)
Jen Rozema (Next Gen. Ministries)
Art Van Wyhe (New Ministries)
Sophat Duch (Diversity)
Jack Kooyman (Diaconal Ministries)
Steve Hasper (Empowering Prayer)

Pastor Church Relations Team

Marv Hofman – Director

Stated Clerk

Calvin Hoogstra

Stated Treasurer

Calvin Hoogstra
Mel Busscher (Alt)

Special Education Ministry

Dori Helder

Ann Arbor Representative

Gerrit Haagsma

Student Fund

Dave Altena

Holland Safe Church Team

Alicia Mannes


Synodical Deputy

Dave Spoelma
Chris De Vos (Alt)

Under Council of Delegates

Back to God Ministries international
Resonate Global Mission

World Renew Board (3yrs)

Rachel Brink Conley

Regional Boards:

Regional boards have fewer delegates than the number of classes. These elections are administered by the denominational offices. This data is available in the Acts of Synod Region 10.

Calvin College Board

Marjorie Hoogeboom (at large member) (2018-2)
Rev. M. Koetje (2018–2) – SPECIAL APPOINTMENT
Mr. Christopher (CJ) Grier (Regional at-large) (2018-1)
 Mr. Bruce Los (Regional at-large) (2019-1)

Calvin Seminary Board

Region 10 currently vacant.
Dr. Susan Strikwerda (Regional at-large) (2020-1)

Disability Concerns Regional Consultant

Brian Bosch